Over a shared obsession for smart coffee, mission for quality and passion for premium products we founded Co-Lab.

Our Story

Through decades of experience servicing hospitality outlets, we identified the opportunity to collaborate more closely with brand partners to deliver a customised and demystified service offering.

A global leader based in Melbourne Co-Lab is unique. Driven by a next-gen approach to coffee roasting, Co-Lab balances personalised service, the production of consistent high-quality coffee with a first-to-market innovative analytics platform.

It’s this strategy that allows our Co-Lab clients to have access to tailored information about their order by batch.

Our customer promise is to deliver your branded coffee from conceptualisation to commercialisation with confidence.


We guarantee it’s your blend, your way, every time!

Our People

Meet the team.

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Peter Patisteas


A changemaker, Pete is known as a driving force behind the evolution of the Melbourne coffee scene and a leader in industry advancement. Powered by roasting developments and smart-coffee tech, Pete has been instrumental in the creation of the innovative Co-Lab Quality Portal.

Pairing this intelligent platform for digital business with his wealth of knowledge and first-hand roastery experience he looks forward to working with clients to achieve brand salience and financially sustainability.

Chris Togias


In this dynamic industry Chris’ sharp analytical take and charismatic leadership style make him a collaborative partner. Driven to commercial and creative solutions, he’s excited to empower businesses helping to shape their strategy through intuitive reasoning and reliable and factual insight via the Co-Lab Quality Portal given its’ high levels of accountability.

Future focused, Chris genuinely hopes to kick off broader conversations about balancing purpose and profit, and how this translates into sustainability, technology advancements and corporate best practice in order to drive the health and longevity of the coffee industry.

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02 2020_06_05 PORTRAITS_DSC0274-V4

David Burchett

Business Development Manager

Highly experienced within the Australian and global coffee game, David is a keen networker driven to promote discussion on awareness and innovation. Passionate about people, relationship management and known for his proactive attitude, David has proven he is a trusted collaborator working with clients to develop quality product, business solutions in order to achieve long-term brand success.

A valued team player, David is also Certified Espresso Italiano Taster, Specialist and Trainer so he’s instrumental in every Co-Lab project from concept to cup!